Ethan Knight - Documentary Reel 2013. 

Flamenco Loop - By Josie Lay, Directed by Ethan Knight

This is photo essay / Multimedia project depicts the work and lives of front line ambulance paramedics. Project duration: 3 months. Client: NZ Geographic, Australian Geographic.  

On September 29, 2009, the largest earthquake in 2009 at a magnitude of 9.1 hits the Samoan Islands. 22 minutes later the first of 6 tsunamis hits Western Samoa. The 20 ft’ tsunami ploughs through the southern shores, destroying anything in its path. In some areas the wave traveled as far as 2 km inland. 194 people lost their lives and 3000 are now displaced. This Multimedia / Photo essay was shot & edited by Ethan Knight

First test shoot of the Steadicam - Merlin and Canon 7D. I took me over 3 hours to properly set the Merlin to take the 7D and 16-35+RODE Video Mic and a Fader ND. It’s a great tool, but it takes alot of practice to make perfect. Lens: 16-35L IS f2.8 II+Fader ND Accessories: RODE Video mic Edit: FCP + Color Song: Point of no return Artist: Roger Subirana Mata / courtesy of Jamendo

"The road taken.. The places visited.. the people met.." This is a visual diary that previews my up-and-coming book. Locations: Sinai Peninsula, Egypt. Lake Victoria, Uganda. Train to kisumu (Above the slum of Kibera), Kenya. Merchant ship, Lake victoria, Uganda. On a bike, Sierra Leona. Wooden bridge, Sri Lanka. Rain on the Jaffna Peninsula, Northern Sri Lanka. Train window, Uganda. Kibera, Kenya. Sunset, Liberia. Thaipusam festival, Jaffna Peninsula, Northern Sri Lanka. Last light in Kibera, Kenya. Music by: Alberto Iglesias - Kothbiro.